How to Make Quick Corn Chowder

Delicious with a capital “D” and incredibly fast and easy to make. I like to have a variety of frozen veg on hand to make quick soups. Even though I use frozen veg, which are just as nutritious as fresh if not more so, you would never know the difference. Frozen stays good for along time, you don’t have to worry about using it quickly so it doesn’t go bad and the best part is that there is no prep time! I love that! When I am in a hurry, I can throw a bag of frozen veg in the pot with a few other ingredients and have a delicious hot bowl of soup in less than 15 minutes!

This particular soup also looks beautiful when it’s done because of the 4 different colors of peppers. This won’t take you more than 10 minutes from freezer to stove to bowl – and will cost under five dollars! Kids will love it too.

Corn is usually thought of as a vegetable but the corn plant is actually a grass and the kernels are the grain. It’s nutrient-rich and has 10 times more zinc than wheat germ and has a much longer shelf life. Key nutrients are protein, fiber, vitamin A, B vitamins, Vitamin C, calcium, folate, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and iron. Corn also contains many phytochemicals.


1 16oz  bag frozen sweet white corn, bread/butter corn, or yellow corn   (1.50)

1 12oz or 16 oz bag frozen mixed peppers                                                        (1.50)

3 cups h20 (roughly)

1 tbsp vegebase (dry, low sodium veg soup base) 26 servings per jar       (3.99 )

dried thyme to taste (1/4-1/2 tsp)

garlic powder to taste (or fresh, 1-2 cloves)

black pepper and a scant amount of sea salt (1/8 tsp)

1/2 cup or so of soy milk


Put everything into the pot except the soy milk, bring to a boil and simmer until veg are heated thru, approx 5 minutes or so. Using your immersion blender, blend until roughly creamy. Add in soy milk, stir. Taste and adjust your seasonings. I “eye-ball it” with seasonings, going with my gut, and adjust as I go along.

If you don’t have an immersion blender, you must get one! They are indispensable. I have a cuisinart stainless steel immersion blender which I couldn’t live without! It saves so much time because you blend in the cooking pot. You don’t have to transfer into a blender, then dump back into your pot and you also won’t have to clean the blender or your counters from all the splattering when doing the transfers!

As you can see, the total cost is barely over $3.00!

Please try it and let me know how you like it and any modifications you made!


How to Make Homemade Healthier Pizza in Minutes

IMG_2596This is crazy! You can be eating this pizza faster than you can find your phone and call in your order – and for a fraction of the cost, a fraction of the sodium, and a fraction of the fat to boot.

I love to make this on occasion when I am having friends over or when I am just dying for the taste of good za. Don’t hesitate, get what you need, invite some friends over, open a bottle of  Cadetto Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. And that’s all you need – except for a nice fresh crisp salad!


Ezekial Whole Grain Tortillas

Tomato Sauce (no/low sodium) seasoned w/garlic powder, oregano, blk pepper and any other pizza seasonings you like – be creative

Shredded low fat/part skim mozzarella or mozzarella alternative

Directions: Toast the tortillas in your toaster oven (or in the oven) until it just starts to toast and becomes slightly firm.  Take it out of toaster oven. Turn oven to bake at 400 degrees. Spread your sauce leaving about a 1/4 inch of tortilla edge dry. Sprinkle some cheese to cover the sauce. Add some oregano, black pepper, garlic powder on top of cheese. Using a spatula, put the pizza back into the toaster oven. Bake for a couple of minutes until cheese is bubbly.

Note: Experiment with mushrooms and onions or what ever you like on pizza. Once you do it, you’ll see how fast and easy it is. Bon Appetite!

Tomato Avocado Basil Salad

There is beauty in simplicity. I try to live my life in that vein, not just with cooking. This couldn’t be simpler and it’s so delicious, not to mention nutritious as well.

I love how a few simple ingredients can turn into the most delicious meal or dessert. I want to share a simple lunch I just threw together for myself and a friend. (because it’s always more fun to share!) It’s one of my favorites especially at this time of year. In a few months the heirloom tomatoes I love so much will be plentiful on the organic farm cart at Misty Acres around the corner from where I live.

There is nothing like picking up fesh or-ganic veggies picked that day. All winter long I look forward to seeing the cart packed with fresh, colorful vegetables.

Ingredients :                         

2 Avocados

2 Fresh tomatoes

4 large basil leaves

wedge of fresh lemon (optional)

Freshly ground pepper

Pinch sea salt (optional)

Garlic powder

The juice from the tomatoes allows you to leave out mayo or a dressing if you want to keep the calories down.

1) Chop avocados, tomatoes and basil

2) Add seasonings to taste

3) Mangia

                             This made enough for 2 stuffed pitas for me and my friend!

Some Options:

*Put mixture over chopped romaine – makes a nice hearty salad and adds a nice crunch

*Stuff in a toasted/non toasted pita pocket

*Put in a warm taco shell w/or w/out chicken/ and a dab of sour cream or alternative

*Add fresh chopped red bell pepper and black beans (eat as is) or add to a warm taco shell or wrap in a whole grain tortilla.

*Enjoy with a healthy chip or toast your pita and cut in triangles as the chip for an even healthier snack

Note: You can always use fresh garlic in place of the powder.

FYI…ripe avocados will keep for 4-5 days in fridge. Unripe will never ripen in the fridge.