Are you Eating Enough Top 30 Super Foods?

Here is a list of the top 30 super foods that I learned from Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I keep this list on my fridge so I can refer to it often and use it when making my shopping list. Don’t forget that it’s the nutrients that keep us healthy! They are also responsible for ridding the body of toxins, so don’t be shy, eat up!

The beauty is that they are nutritional powerhouses and very low in calories, except for the nuts and seeds and therefore you can eat as much as you want! If you are anything like me, that is a good thing!

They are listed according to highest nutrient per calorie to the lower nutrient per calorie.

1.   Kale, Watercress                                     1000+

2.   Collard, Mustard & Turnip Greens     1000+

3.   Bok Choy                                                  824+

4.   Spinach                                                     739

5.   Brussel Sprouts                                       672

6.   Swiss Chard                                             670

7.   Arugula                                                     559

8.   Radish                                                      554

9.   Cabbage                                                   481

10. Bean Sprouts                                          444

11. Romaine                                                   389

12. Broccoli                                                    376

13. Red Pepper                                              366

14. Carrots                                                     336

15. Cauliflower                                              295

16. Artichokes                                               224

17. Strawberries                                           212

18. Pomegranite Juice                               193

19. Tomatoes                                               190

20. Blackberries                                          178

21. Plums                                                      157

22. Raspberries                                           145

23. Mushrooms                                           135

24. Blueberries                                            130

25. Papaya                                                    118

26. Oranges                                                  109

27. Beans (all varieties)                             57-104

28. Seeds – Flax, Sunflower, Sesame      52-78

29. Onions                                                    50

30. Walnuts                                                  34

You will find many delicious, quick recipes on my blog using these super foods. Try them out and don’t hesitate to put your on twist on them as well, don’t be afraid to be creative.  Leave a comment and let me know how you make out.


How to Make Swiss Chard and Cannelini Beans

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This is one of my favorite “go to” meals when I have to make something really fast but still want to have a hearty hot meal. It’s hard to believe that these 3 simple ingredients can make something so good. It’s great comfort food as well as highly nutritious and loaded with the best source of protein available to us in the beans.

Swiss Chard (also known as chard) is part of the beet family and can be substituted for spinach in many cases. I actually prefer it and it’s in the top 5 most nutritious vegetables, (1000 nutrients per calorie) along with kale, and mustard greens, watercress, collards and turnip greens. It has a milder taste compared to spinach and it is delicious! If you haven’t tried it, definately put it on your list of new veg to try!

There are many stunning benefits to eating chard. It helps to fight lung cancer and heart disease, can improve digestion, boost energy levels and corrects calcium deficiency. It’s a diuretic and a laxative. If you juice it with carrots it helps to control urinary tract infections and hemorrhoids.

Spray a large saucepan with a little expeller pressed (cold pressed) canola oil or a little water and saute:

     1  large sweet onion halved and sliced until brown and carmelized

While the onions are cooking (and they will take a bit of time to get soft and brown), clean  and chop coarsley into peices (2″ x 2″ approximately) and put aside:

     1  bunch swiss chard

When the onions are nice and golden brown, add:

     1  15 oz can of cannelini beans with the liquid (no/low sodium)

As you stir in the beans, scrape the bottom of the pan with your spoon to release all the browned coating from the onions which will add more flavor to the juice.

Add the chard with:

     1/2 – 1 cup sweet frozen corn (I like the bread and butter corn)

Put a lid on it for a few minutes until the chard is soft and just beginning to wilt. Season with garlic powder, black pepper to taste and serve.

Note: On occasion you can add a tbsp of grated parmesan or a parmesan substitute to your plate. Only use cheese on rare occasions in small amounts as a condiment.

Makes approximately 2 large servings or 3-4 smaller servings.