How to Make Blueberry Coconut Ice Cream

This is a must try for anyone who loves ice cream! It is so simple that it is actually comical! Really, you’ll see once you try it. Unlike commercial ice cream, this is a nutritional powerhouse with very low calories and high in the taste department! Believe me, it’s crazy, bangin good, so get out your blender and go for it!                  


 1  bag of frozen blueberries (approx 12oz bag)

 1   frozen banana

 1/4 – 1/2 cup soy milk (this is approx depending on power of your blender) 

 1/4  cup unsweetened coconut shredded (optional)

 1/2  avocado (optional)

Pour 1/2 cup milk into blender. Pour in blueberries, bananas cut in to chunks, coconut (except for 2 tsp) and avocado if using, and blend until thick and creamy. Adding more milk as you go if necessary. I use as little milk as possible and stop the blender when it gets jammed. With a spoon I scrape down the sides and remix and add a little bit more milk and blend again. I usually end up doing that process 2-3 times until it thick and creamy.  I like to spoon it into pretty glasses and then sprinkle a little coconut on top of each serving. The white of the coconut looks nice against the dark blueberries.

Makes approx 4 servings

If you don’t like coconut, leave it out! You will not taste the avocado, but it will add a richness from the “good” fat that it offers. It isn’t necessary at all if you don’t want to use it. I personally love it, but I make this all the time without it as well.

The consistency should be very thick like ice cream, so start with less milk and gradually add as needed just enough to make the blender mix it. The more powerful your blender is, the less milk you need. You should not be able to “drink” it, you should need a spoon.

Tip: frozen friut (and veg) are just as nutritious as fresh – and sometimes more so because they are flash frozen immediately after picking which retains the nutrients. At all times you will find 4 or 5 different kinds of frozen fruits in my fridge, they come in handy when friends stop by! In two minutes we are eating fresh ice cream that is actually good for you and tastes fantastic! 




Also, did you know… blueberries are ranked #1 out of 40 fruits and veg (according to Tufts University Research) as far as nutritional value goes?! Excellent anti-oxidant, great for eye sight and urinary tract health to name a few.


Fresh blueberries will stay good in fridge up to ten days, frozen 9-10 months.




How to Make Tomato Zucchini Saute

I love to make this with the tomatoes from Windy Acres, my favorite organic farm about a mile from where I live! They have every delicious variety of heirloom tomatoes. There is just something so wonderful about riding your bike or just driving up to a beautiful farm cart loaded with fresh veg.

If tomatoes are not in season, you can usecanned tomatoes and frozen zucchini also. I usually make this particular recipe in the height of the summer when both are abundant. In the winter, I tend to use the canned and frozen, but I make it as a soup by adding vegetable broth ( low or no sodium) and I love to throw in some frozen sweet corn, red kidney beans and/or some brown rice! Yum. I like to make a simple fresh salad to have with it and that completes the meal!                   


 Tomato Zucchini Saute


4 large fresh tomatoes (approx)

3  fresh med to small zucchini (small-med taste better than the large)

1 can drained red kidney beans

3/4 cup cooked brown rice

4 large cloves fresh garlic (or granulated to taste)

oregano, black pepper, basil according to your personal taste 

grated parmesan cheese or parmesan substitute  (optional)


Slice tomatoes as if you were putting them on your sandwich (approx ¼ in thick). Slice zucchini into thin rounds. Spread a layer of tomatoes to cover the bottom of the pan, a little chopped garlic. Spread layer of zucchini on tomatoes and sprinkle w/more chopped garlic. Continue to alternate layering until all veggies are  used! Cook with lid on over low-med heat. Should take 10- 15 min or so depending on how large a pan you are using and how many layers. After 5 minutes or so, you should see the juice bubbling up from the tomatoes and the zucchini. Both veg have lots of water so you really shouldn’t need to add liquid, but if it does seem too dry add approx ¼ cup of low/no vegetable broth.

Other possible uses: (cook once eat twice!)

1) Turn into soup by adding no/low sodium vegetable broth. More seasoning to taste.    Blend partially w/an immersion blender. If you don’t have one, a regular blender will work. Blend half of the mixture and return to the pot.

2) Makes a phenomenal chunky fresh pasta sauce! Blend and pour over your favorite pasta. Red kidney beans or cannelini’s are great in this.

Some possible additions:

Red kidney beans, whole grain elbow pasta, yellow squash, brown rice. Experiment with your own preferences! There is no right or wrong, just what you prefer!

Tip: Frozen zucchini and canned tomatoes will work in the winter if tomatoes aren’t great or if time is of the essence, it is still a great tasting dish!

Bon Appetite!