Black Bean Salad

Personally I love this and make many different versions of it. Every time I bring this to a gathering, it’s a hit. I always go home with a list of email addresses so that I can forward the recipe. It’s so fresh and packed with flavor.         



1 25oz can black beans  (no/ low sodium)
½  to ¾ c finely chopped red pepper
½ c finely chopped orange pepper
½ c finely chopped red onion
1 c sweet white corn (frozen is fine)
½ c finely chopped fresh cilantro
½ c finely chopped fresh parsley

Any of these options go really well, so don’t be afraid to mix and match according to your tastes.

1/4 c crazins and or raisins
½ – ¾ c finely chopped pineapple can also pour in sm amt of the juice
½ tsp ground cumin or more to taste
1 clove minced/ finely chopped fresh garlic
½ cup chopped cherry tomatoes
½ c chopped fresh zucchini
Finely chopped jalapeno ( if you like it w/touch of spice or hot!)
1/2 c walnuts or sunflower seeds

Some suggested uses:

Eat as is as a healthy snack
Enjoy with a healthy scooping chip
Make it your main meal
Put in a tortilla w/ a small  amount of  cheese/alternative and or sliced chicken for a delicious quesadilla
Stuff a pita pocket for a nice healthy lunch


Blueberry Banana Crisp

This is a version of one of my favorite recipes I learned from Dr. Fuhrman. I make this very often with all different kinds of fruit combos! I eat this for breakfast, I eat it as a snack and I eat it as dessert! It’s fantastic warm or cold.

I know this is not the best picture, but believe me when you see it live in your own kitchen it is very appetizing! This picture does not do it justice! Don’t let it scare you!  

1 12-16 oz bag frozen blueberries
2-3  bananas
8oz chopped walnuts or pecans (divided)
2 cups rolled oats (not instant)
Baking cooking spray
2 cups regular or vanilla soy milk
Vanilla extract (optional)


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

Pour all of the blueberries into a mixing bowl. Chop bananas into bite size pieces, mix them into the blueberries. Sprinkle with 2 tsp cinnamon. Add in about 1/2 cup of milk, reserving the rest. Mix it all together, put aside. In a separate mixing bowl combine the oats, rest of the milk (it should have a “soupy” consistency). Add another 1-2 tsp  of cinnamon until it has a nice rich color. Add about two dashes of vanilla extract if you have it, and about 3/4 of the walnuts. Mix all together.

Spray baking dish lightly. Place the blueberry mixture into your baking dish. Pour the oat mix on top. Gently fold the oat mixture into the blueberries. Sprinkle rest of walnuts across the top. Bake approx one hour when you can see the juices from the fruit bubbling up on the sides.

Use your own preference and judgment as you add the cinnamon and the nuts. As it bakes and the fruit cooks down, it will add more moisture. There is no real right or wrong, so don’t worry about exact measurements.

Try different fruits and combos such as peaches, blues, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries. Anything  you like! Mixed berries are fantastic in this recipe also.

Suggestions for optional uses: Breakfast, dessert, snack. Hot or cold

Tomato Avocado Basil Salad

There is beauty in simplicity. I try to live my life in that vein, not just with cooking. This couldn’t be simpler and it’s so delicious, not to mention nutritious as well.

I love how a few simple ingredients can turn into the most delicious meal or dessert. I want to share a simple lunch I just threw together for myself and a friend. (because it’s always more fun to share!) It’s one of my favorites especially at this time of year. In a few months the heirloom tomatoes I love so much will be plentiful on the organic farm cart at Misty Acres around the corner from where I live.

There is nothing like picking up fesh or-ganic veggies picked that day. All winter long I look forward to seeing the cart packed with fresh, colorful vegetables.

Ingredients :                         

2 Avocados

2 Fresh tomatoes

4 large basil leaves

wedge of fresh lemon (optional)

Freshly ground pepper

Pinch sea salt (optional)

Garlic powder

The juice from the tomatoes allows you to leave out mayo or a dressing if you want to keep the calories down.

1) Chop avocados, tomatoes and basil

2) Add seasonings to taste

3) Mangia

                             This made enough for 2 stuffed pitas for me and my friend!

Some Options:

*Put mixture over chopped romaine – makes a nice hearty salad and adds a nice crunch

*Stuff in a toasted/non toasted pita pocket

*Put in a warm taco shell w/or w/out chicken/ and a dab of sour cream or alternative

*Add fresh chopped red bell pepper and black beans (eat as is) or add to a warm taco shell or wrap in a whole grain tortilla.

*Enjoy with a healthy chip or toast your pita and cut in triangles as the chip for an even healthier snack

Note: You can always use fresh garlic in place of the powder.

FYI…ripe avocados will keep for 4-5 days in fridge. Unripe will never ripen in the fridge.